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Hey, how'd you get here? Go explore another, more active journal.

Well, if you wanna stay, that's cool too.

I started this journal back in 2009, and it shows. I kept my older posts up. They're not a reflection of who I am now, not in the least, but absolutely a reflection of who I used to be. So I'm kind of fond of them.

I don't use this journal as a record of my life--you want that or my more immediate thoughts, head over to my tumblr or twitter (link to the left). I started this journal back in 2009 as a fanfic journal, and now six years and two degrees later, I've resurrected it for that purpose. I will probably be writing mostly K-pop fics, but considering the breadth and depth of my interests, I'd be surprised if other fandoms didn't make an appearance.

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hold me tight

Pairing: Kyungsoo (EXO)/ Jaehwan (VIXX)
Rating: PG, but probably more G
Word Count: 1362
Summary: Kyungsoo’s not used to having to ask for it.

A/N: Written as a warm-up/distraction while writing Unwanted Houseguest. Taken from this prompt courtesy of fairyminseok: "I was sick and you refused to cuddle me for a week but now I'm okay so I require all the cuddles"

more fluffy kensoo, one day i'll write them actual makeouts and sexytimes, one day. #whenwillidothisshipjustice

also on ao3.

Kyungsoo's not used to having to ask for it.Collapse )

Unwanted Houseguest

Pairing/Characters: Kyungsoo (EXO)/ Jaehwan (VIXX)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5876
Summary: Kyungsoo learns new respect for Satanism, and mourns his refrigerator.

A/N: Originally posted in the 2015-2016 vixxomoments fic fest. Also on ao3.

Kyungsoo steps back and observes his handiwork.Collapse )

2015 fic summary

So I'm doing this thing partly to procrastinate and partly because this was my first year really jumping into actual fic writing. I hadn't finished a fic since 2010, and I hadn't posted one since 2008. But I have big plans and too many stories to tell, and so I wanted to do this as a kind of record-slash-goal setting activity. So, here we go!

FICS I WROTE IN 2015: a very (somewhat) short compilationCollapse )
Pairing/Characters: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2,000 words
Summary: "That shirt is very becoming on you. If I was on you, I'd be coming too."

A/N: A late birthday present for naegastar, and the result of me playing a bit of fic roulette and landing on "the ‘new bartender at my favorite bar is unfairly attractive’ au". Okay, I'm not that late, and in my defense, I started it before your birthday, so there. Nyeh. :P I apologize in advance for the terrible banter, and the lack of actual pick up lines in the fic. Happy Birthdaaaay~ <3

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Pairing/Characters: Minseok/Sehun/Luhan; Yixing; Yerim (Red Velvet)
Rating: G. So G. So very very G. Maybe PG? No. G.
Wordcount: ~1.8k
Warning: tickles, fluff, sugar, corn syrup
Summary: A morning in the life.

A/N: This is so fluffy, so sugary, I'm embarrassed I wrote it. It is almost entirely xiukisses's fault, but naegastar had a significant hand in this nonsense. What is this. Why did I write this. I think this is an AU. What have I done. Crap.
(please ignore the horrible title, that will change I am sure).

Minseok loves Saturdays.Collapse )