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2015 fic summary

So I'm doing this thing partly to procrastinate and partly because this was my first year really jumping into actual fic writing. I hadn't finished a fic since 2010, and I hadn't posted one since 2008. But I have big plans and too many stories to tell, and so I wanted to do this as a kind of record-slash-goal setting activity. So, here we go!

Total Word Count (published): about 25,400 words. I don't math, that's as specific as I'm gonna get.
Fandoms Written In: EXO, VIXX, there are a dozen or so cameos from various other kpops

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
Well this is a loaded question because to be honest I didn't predict actually writing anything at all in January. I probably thought I was gonna just waste away with all these fic ideas forever, like I usually do.

What's your own favorite story of the year?
Probably sweater weather, because it was my first rated fic, and I'm honestly really proud of it.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
Writing at all was my biggest risk! I've been a lurker/commenter for so long in fandom with only occasionally producing anything, it was really hard to get out of that. I was so used to just letting my ideas stew and waste away but now I think I can get them out. I've learned that I actually can get them out, to my own satisfaction for the most part.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the new year?
SO MANY. Soooooo many. I have a billion million ideas. But a few major goals are:
1) write all possible EXO ships. Won't happen this year but I'm gonna try.
2) Write a kpop (EXO mostly, LOL) fic inspired by each 1D song. Because SUCK IT, HATERS. (again, not gonna finish this year but still).
3) write SHINee fic
4) write more fantasy/supernatural/crack, because why the hell not

From my past year of writing, what was…
My best story of this year:
Probably sweater weather, again. It feels the smoothest and most successfully executed.

My most popular story of this year:
If we go by kudos on ao3 and lj comments, then it was Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?, the baeksoo birthday fic for naegastar. But cultural miscommunication had the most ao3 comments, and sweater weather had the most ao3 hits.

Most fun story to write:
Oh man. I have fun writing pretty much everything, because I don't write things I don't really want to write. I probably had the most fun writing either cultural miscommunication or the fire ship and the songbird. That one I had maybe too much fun, as it got away from me and needs some serious editing. I got super carried away but damn it was fun. Except that last part, which I wrote drunk with fatigue. Yeah. Idk what any of it looks like, I didn't go over it. Oops.

Story with the single sexiest moment:
Well seeing as it's the only NC-17 fic in there, I'm gonna have to say the prize goes to sweater weather. That whole fic was just pwp, and I'm super happy with it.

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Hasn't happened yet! Unless by "wrong" you mean "incessantly fluffy," in which case the sexiuhan fluff mess I wrote in September was gross and fluffy and I can't believe I let myself get that sappy I want to do it again.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
I'm not sure anything I wrote besides the fire ship and the songbird was long enough to do that. That one kinds of did; I will say that Jaehwan and Hakyeon ended up in the same place I had planned, but they got there very differently.

Hardest story to write:
cultural miscommunication wasn't hard in itself; the process getting there was hard, though. It was part of an exchange and I went through three trashed prompts before I finally was able to produce something I liked. I'd like to go back to those prompts later, though. They had potential, just not at that moment.

Biggest surprise:
That I wrote anything at all, that I wrote 13k (???!?) as my first exchange fic, that I wrote smut and people seemed to actually like it.

Most unintentionally telling story:
Probably my first one, Recruitment. There's a lot of myself in that one, though it's not even 2k. I, too, would like to meet a hot museum researcher who sticks their hands up zebra tracheas.

Favorite Opening Lines / Introductions:
--"The air in Jaehwan’s office stifled, even with the small port window flung as wide as it could go. It was humid and heavy, and in the afternoon heat, Jaehwan could feel a bead of sweat run down his forehead onto his nose. He quickly wiped it off before it could fall and blur his reports. He didn’t want to have to rewrite it again--he was already scrambling to reconfigure their schedule." (the fire ship and the songbird, N/Ken)

--"It’s a cool fall morning; they’d left the window open last night for the first time since May and a breeze whispers into the room, ruffling the light curtains. It’s very early, judging by the thinness of the sunlight coming through the window, but Minseok can still feel it gently warming the room in contrast to the slight chill." (tickles are the best revenge (years 4 and 6), Xiumin/Sehun/Luhan)

Favorite Closing Lines:

--"(Jongin does laugh at him the next day, but Sehun pushes him into the lake in human form and it’s all worth it)."
(cultural miscommunication, Sehun/Xiumin)

--"“Baekhyun!” He yells, and Baekhyun must not be in the shower yet because he replies clearly.
“Were you
freeballing all morning on my couch?” There is a pause.
“I love you?”
Baekhyun!”" (sweater weather, Kris/Baekhyun)

Favorite 5 Line(s) from Anywhere:
1) "“Oh no, no I think I’m keeping this on. It’s warm and soft and expensive,” Baekhyun says, leering. “Plus, I think you like it, how it makes me look all virginal and naughty.” Kris sputters." (sweater weather, Kris/Baekhyun)

2) "He’d almost died, could still be a dead man, and Jaehwan had never felt so alive." (the fire ship and the songbird, N/Ken)

3) "The biggest, bulkiest part of the lights is actually mostly Baekhyun, lying facedown on the rug and wrapped from head to toe in lights, like some sort of fucked up Christmas turkey. Part of the tree also appears to be lying across his legs." (tangled, Baekhyun/Kyungsoo. not yet crossposted, oops)

4) "His other husband finally pads into the kitchen and begins taking down fruit to cut, occasionally placing pieces at his lips for Minseok to eat. He switches to Yixing when the boy comes in, saying the name of each fruit in Mandarin before handing it over, Yixing repeating the names back." (sexiuhan fluff mess, idek anymore, Sehun/Minseok/Luhan)

5) "So Sehun strides through the doorway anyway, head held high and blank mask on, the face Jongin’s rider says “makes him looks like he’s bored with life.” Sehun thinks Baekhyun’s face looks like a deranged puppy, and shouldn’t really talk." (cultural miscommmunication, Sehun/Xiumin)

Top 5 Scenes from Anywhere You Would Choose to Have Illustrated:
1) Luhan as a blanket burrito in tickles are the best revenge

2) Sehun and Jongin lounging in the sun as dragons, or just Sehun in human form from cultural miscommunication

3) Literally anything from the fire ship and the songbird, I will pay you money

4) Kyungsoo walking in on Sanghyuk and Hakyeon prepping a zebra head for mounting, in Recruitment

5) Baekhyun tangled in Christmas lights, from tangled.

New year's resolutions:
- fewer exchanges/fests, write my own stuff. it'll be hard, without the pressure of a deadline, but I'm gonna try.
- write all the things. yes.

Word Count Totals:

total finished, posted fic: 25,400 words, 7 fics
longest posted fic: the fire ship and the songbird, 13,000 words (!!!)
percentage of fics started and completed in 2015: god i don't even know, I'm not that organized, don't ask me to calculate this

Characters (posted fic only):

most common narrator: Kyungsoo, but only just barely (2 fics, 29%)
most common character: It's hard to tell, but probably Baekhyun or Kyungsoo (appeared/was a main character in 4 fics). If we count just mentions, Baek might have a one-up on Soo.
most common pairing: I guess either Baeksoo or Xiuhun (technically), with two fics (again, technically) each.

list of completed stories:
~tickles make the best revenge (years 4 and 6).
~sweater weather
~cultural miscommunication
~Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?
~The fire ship and the songbird

list of wips:

Thanks to all my lovely twitter friends, all of whom have spurred me further into writing fics than I expected and into ships I didn't ship yet but wanted to. You all are amazing and wonderful and full of terrible horrible ideas. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my fics or left kudos; you're lovely and I am glad you liked whatever I spewed out.

Triple thanks to naegastar, who kinda started this whole thing and who has beta-ed/checked over most all of my fics. You're the best. <3

I did this using this template, which i got from softboys, who got it from another lovely person. :3