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The fire ship and the songbird (1/2)

Title: The fire ship and the songbird
Pairing: N/Ken, vaguely implied others
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~13k
Warnings: some violence
Summary: Jaehwan Lee is a captain’s clerk, a position of decent importance but little prestige or infamy, and so the last thing he expects is to end up locked in the brig of the most feared pirate ship in the ocean.

Originally written for hakkais_shadow in the summer 2015 forvixx exchange! My first ever exchange. :) Also on ao3.

This is the longest thing I've ever written, ha. I am also addicted to cameos, apparently. Original A/N at the end and work under the cut:

The air in Jaehwan's office stifled, even with the small port window flung as wide as it could go.Collapse )

Well, here goes nothing

Title: Recruitment
Pairing/Characters: Kyungsoo (EXO)/Hakyeon (VIXX); various other kpop faces
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~1.9k
Warning: light swearing, very mild gore (animal only)
Summary: Special Agent Do meets his new consultant.
A/N: Well, here it is. The first fanfic I"ve written since....2010? And the first one I've posted since 2009. It's also the longest fanfiction I've ever written, let alone actually finished (and nothing really happens, aahahaha). This is a drabble result of playing fanfic roulette with naegastar, but I really like this AU so we will see what happens.

Kyungsoo had the sudden, fleeting realization that somehow he found this man even more attractive grinning and covered in animal guts.Collapse )

Notes About this Journal

Alright, as you might guess from the contents of this Journal, I do not post here often. At all. I have always been horrible at keeping a diary, and this journal--while public and most certainly not a diary--is really no different. Especially since I find the LJ cut-system and the picture-loading system to be extremely cumbersome, let alone think of something interesting to say on this journal. (I'd draw, but again, picture-posting sucks. And fanfic is not my forte. I don't think myself clever enough to review something, and it would probably be yaoi doujin anyway, since that's the only thing I can think of that I have enough of to review for any significant number of posts).

I however, am on LJ at least twice a day. I have a hundred or so friends I watch and communities I am a part of. So while I myself do not post much, I am a rabid commentor (that is not a word). So while I do not create works of fandom worthy of much commenting, I rabidly comment and offer critique on other people's posts.

So: in summary, do not expect much in the way of activity on this journal, but expect to see me all over my Friends' Journals. And if you want to contact me, by all means do; I will likely reply promptly. :)

Hey have some Russia


(inspired by ch 64 of The Chosen End :D :D)


Dude, I lurk too much.

Duuuuuuuude.....I haven't posted anything in forevah......

So here we go!

Title: Mi Amor
Artist: Moi. (foreversea.deviantart.com)
Characters/Pairing: SpainxS.Italy
Warning: Romano being a tsundere pottymouth.

So. Classic story of Lurker-Delurked.

With fanart. Of the SpaRoma variety.

You know the drill.

Late for Valentine's day, but hey. Love doesn't need a specific day, amirite? ;)

Link under the cut. Onward!Collapse )

Hello, LJ!

Hola, mes amigos!

Alright, nixing the Spanish.  I don't speak it anyway.

So I've put off getting one of these babies for awhile....but no longer! Here I shall write random stuff that occurs to me, but mostly, I will be writing random fanfic drabbles. Which you will eventually also be able to find on my soon-to-be-created FF.net account.

I also like exploring this loverly site.

So hello, and now, goodbye!