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Carcharodon carcharias

carcharias' journal, gathering dust

30 November
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Twenties, female, capacity for infatuation whose limits have yet to be tested. I've kept this LJ for mostly shitty yaoi scanlation purposes since 2011, and migrated to tumblr back in 2012. (If you want to really talk to me, go there.)

American, living in Japan. I read a lot of fanfiction. A lot. Sometimes I write it, too.

I promise I'm friendly, though I might swear too much, and I don't speak like this (see below) anymore.

I am leaving this bio up for posterity, though it is excruciatingly embarrassing. Dear god I'm glad I'm not 17 anymore. Eurgh.

I am a total fangirl. But! I am not insane. Rabid, yes. Insane with a nasty mean streak, no. I am normal-looking (with a sense of style!) and blonde, which is an entirely natural color, thank-you-very-much. Very high tolerance, except for people whose voices are like needles in my brain, people who type in all caps, fangirls/people with no life who make it their sole crusade to find every sign of support for the other ship and hurl nastiness at it, and people who use incorrect grammar (which is pretty much all of America. GO USA!)

Hmmm. I watch way too much TV, (mostly cartoons and animes/asian dramas I find on the web) I spend far too much time on the computer, and I have a tendency to obsess over fandoms and then express this obsession through my deviantART. I am a history dork, as well as a marine biology dork (see username; guess meaning of first bit, get a cookie!). I collect shoes and books. I have a complete crush on Joshua Bell, who plays my instrument beautifully, like crap players like me don't exist.

Basically, and all around dork. Dorkdorkdork. With a very very good memory for trivia and other things, which pushes the important stuff out of my brain.

Motto: Fictional characters are better because they can't issue restraining orders.
(bleach, 1d, anime (bleach in particular), anything with good beats/lyrics, avatar: the last airbender, bleach bleach bleach bleach, books are my life, dance/electronic, dogs bullets and carnage, don't get me started, drawing, etc. etc. etc., fanfic, fanfiction, fangasming, fangirl squealing, firefly, hana-kimi, haunting deviantart, hetalia, high school debut, international pop/rock/dance especially asian, japanese language, kpop, listening to music, living on my computer, manga is awesome, marine biology, no bad rap, nothing country, one direction, ouran hs host club, pop, reading, red river, rock, sharks, spreading fangirl rabies, too many movies, trolling fanfiction.net, weakness for bubblegum-pop boy-bands